Ushdev Power Holdings Pvt Ltd "UPHPL" is the holding company for the renewable energy business (Wind Energy) of the Ushdev Group. UPHPL commenced its operation in FY.13. As of today UPHPL has a total operating capacity of 82.05 MW
UPHPL acquired UshdevEngitech Limited (UENL) erstwhile SuzlonEngitech Limited (SENL) through Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) executed between UPHPL and Suzlon Energy Limited (SEL) on 28th June 2012. UENL has operational wind power asset of 58.20 MW located across five wind rich states viz. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat with multiple models from 350 kW to 2100 kW of Suzlon make.
The second project that UPHPL undertook was repowering of a 2.55 MW project in Tamil Nadu. UPHPL has repowered an existing project In TamilNadu by replacing 11 turbines with 3 modern large capacity turbines through its subsidiary Hurricane Windfarms Pvt. Ltd. (HWPL).
UPHPL acquired 20.3 MW of wind assets from Gupta Coal in 2014 through its subsidiary UshdevWinpark Private Ltd. (UWPL)
UPHPL also operates 0.50 MW of wind assets through its subsidiary Ushdev MG Windfarms Limited (UMGWL)
UPHPL operates 0.50 MW of wind assets at the holdco level in Tamil Nadu.
UPHPL has worked with all the major technology providers in India such as Suzlon, Gamesa, Wind World, Kenersys, Vestas

Business Model:
Ushdev Power Holdings Pvt. Ltd. is focused on low risk business model of acquiring brownfield projects i.e operational wind power turbines. Acquisition of operational assets enables to trace the performance of the assets as actual performance (P100) is available.Ushdev Power Holding Pvt. Ltd. is best placed to successfully acquire these assets as it is backed by a well-diversified group with long operating experience of over 17 years in the wind industry. The first wind project was set up in 1997 by the group and it has firsthand experience of operating wind farms in all wind rich states namely Tamilnadu, Karnataka , Rajasthan , Gujarat & Maharashtra. UPHPL has a diversified revenue model which reduces the burden on daily cash flow.